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Sims 3 Legacy Challenge (Re-Reprise)

I decided to restart my Sims 3 Legacy – again. This time, it’s because of a glitch(?) that prevented me from sending a sim to University. I created a new founder, but I’m playing with the same lot in the same town (Riverview). I’ve decided to ignore the existence of other countries (World Adventures) and University.

For an overview of the challenge and its rules, visit the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge website. In short, the challenge is to play for 10 generations without using cheat codes, extending your sims’ lifespans, raising them from the dead, etc. You start with just one sim on a very large empty lot and $1800 starting cash. I changed some of the rules for my personal challenge run, the most relevant of which is this: I’m playing a matriarchal family that eschews marriage.

Founder: Lisa Legata

The founder of my Sims 3 legacy is a young adult witch who loves the outdoors so much, she decided to live in a gazebo for a season! Lisa has been working her way up the Journalism career track; she’s written a headline article (Death at the Library) and two books, the first of which is titled A Summer Spent Living Outside. Her goal in life is to use magic to heal as many sims as possible.

a woman wearing a purple tank top and skirt standing in front of a beach scene with palm trees

Lisa Legata, founder of my Sims 3 Legacy, as a young adult

A raised, rectangular structure with stairs leading up to it, a guardrail around it, and posts holding up a red shingled roof. From left to right, a grill and refrigerator, a mailbox, a woman sitting at a table reading the newspaper, and a bed with nightstand are visible.

Lisa reads the newspaper under the shelter of her privately-owned gazebo.

Legacy House

Walls are expensive: $840 to build a 3×3 structure. Starting out with a gazebo enabled me to create a larger initial living space, give my sim a means of cooking hot dogs (it’s better than just cereal), and build the legacy house on a foundation. The remote location of the lot made up for lack of privacy.

Lisa spent the hottest part of most days inside at work; on her days off she visited public buildings in town to escape the heat. The one downside to starting with a gazebo was inability to build a bathroom. For two seasons, she had to travel across town to use the toilet and shower at the gym.

Come autumn it started getting too chilly at night for my sim to safely sleep outdoors, so I had to start building her an actual house:

A close-up of the gazebo. Most of the back guardrail has been replaced by a brick wall, which is cut away to show a 6x4 room containing bedroom furniture and a woman, seated on the floor, sketching.

Lisa sketches in her newly-built house, which boasts the addition of an outdoor sink and a dresser

A large open lot with a small house in the center, surrounded by trees in shades of red and orange. Hills with more trees are visible in the distance.

the legacy lot and surrounding countryside in gorgeous autumn colors

Later in the season, I added a short hallway to the left of the initial room. The hallway ends with a small bathroom, which proved essential to my sim’s survival…

It wasn’t long before Lisa began dating a fellow resident of Riverview, a werewolf named George Dean. They had a short, fiery romance. She became pregnant over the winter, and gave birth to twin girls in early spring. Caring for two babies – and especially two toddlers – consumed all of Lisa’s time and energy, especially since she could not afford to take unpaid time off from work.

Her expanding family required an expanding house, so I added a new, larger room that currently serves as the whole family’s bedroom.

A small house with walls cut away to reveal a small bathroom with shower stall (far left), bedroom containing two cribs and a double bed (back center), and a living room with a couch and TV (center). A sim sits at a table on the porch, using a laptop computer (right foreground).

Lisa sits on her porch, writing about her adventures in motherhood, while the twins sleep in the shared bedroom (back center-left).

Legacy Family

Come back soon to find out about the twins and Lisa’s continued work toward her life goals!


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