No Rest

I’m doing everything I can to avoid going to sleep (it’s mid-morning and I’ve been awake for over 20 hours) and I’m trying to convince myself to at least lie down and close my eyes for a minute. “We can lean on pillows so we’re not fully reclined – or lie on our side.” “Just put the phone down for a minute, just try it, we’ll be okay.” “We need to sleep sometime…” “I’m so tired, can’t we just take a short nap? All I’m asking is an hour or two!”


It’s All In Your Head


Chest pain, stabbing, waking me from sleep

Tightness, shallow breaths

No rest for me, no rest for me

No rest for me

It could be fatal

“Seek medical help immediately!”

So I go

I go full of doubt

I go full of fear

I go feeling guilty

“I’m just seeking attention”

“Sure,” the nurse says, “I can be accommodating.”

She smirks as she orders the EKG and takes my blood pressure

Just a little too tight

They go through the motions

Pee in this cup

We’ll give you an IV

At least she listened, chose the right vein, and got it in on the first try!

It hurt worse than the chest pain

But I bit my tongue

We waited for hours

As fluids slowly dripped into me

We waited for results – all normal

“The only thing wrong with you is your weight,” he said

Then he touched my leg “reassuringly”

I wanted to bare my teeth

“You have anxiety”

Really? I never would have guessed.

Here are your discharge papers. Follow up with your primary doctor.

The discharge papers say:

Well, it isn’t your heart. But it could be any of these other things…

… mostĀ of which could kill you.

If you feel chest pains

Go to the ER