a lost note
exactly what I needed
but, to whom?


Walking, a wind blows
paper against my forehead.
All things stop;
there is silence.

The words lift me out of where I am
to all I can become
and my soul fills
the whole world.

A whole earth, glowing.
But I cannot find you,
whose name
is on this letter.


Oh wow!
is exactly what I needed!
Maybe the author
just didn’t know my name?


In response to Writing 101, Day Five: Be Brief


To fade into the night
Like the last rays
Of the setting sun

Light waning
Colors shading
All to black

The relief of
Letting go
Into that Darkness

Where our greatest fears
Dashed hopes

Guilt and anger
Even rage

All abide their time
To Remember

A house of flesh
A beating heart
The wind against my skin
A tear falls from my eye
The ground beneath my feet


Falling down
Into the Deep
Comfort of the Earth

Eyes close
Muscles relax
A dreamless sleep


“This cage
is most effective
because of those spikes –

If the ostrich jumps
to try and escape
it will hurt itself
and perceive:

That every spot where it tried to jump
is a predator;
It is safest within its cage.”

The predators close in around the ostrich
Baring their pointy teeth
Their eyes menacing

And the ostrich shrinks back
Against the door to the cage;
At first, it feels

But as the attack continues
it collapses in fear
clutching its head in its wings

Its eyes wide;
Its mouth open
In a Silent Scream

Such a big cage
To run around in
But the ostrich only cowers …

“This is where its owner comes
to feed it
Talk to it
and touch it with

if the ostrich were
any other kind of bird
it could simply
fly away

Love for Women Everywhere

This is an ode
To women around the world
Who have chosen this day
To Rise

My sisters who refuse to be seen and treated
As a commodity
Who demand that their rights
To their own bodies
Be Respected

Who have suffered abuse
Raped, beaten
Underpaid, hidden away
Their sexuality and their lives


This is an ode
To the Women who Rise
And those who are afraid to

Women bound by the chains
Of mental illness:
Depression, anxiety, eating disorders
Borderline personality disorder, codependency, substance abuse
And too many others to name

Women forced into the sex trade
Constrained to motherhood
Kept out of the public sphere
Their voices silenced


This is an ode
To the Women who Rise
And the men who stand with them

Love for women is not
Chocolate, roses, romance
Respect is not a pedestal
Or poetry

Love for women is Rising
Against violence
Forced conformity

Love for women is having courage and strength
To question society
And talk about the things
That scare us into complacency


This is an ode
To Women Around the World
Those who Rise
Those too afraid to
And the men who stand with them


in response to today’s prompt from The Daily Post:

It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!