The (Current) Sims 3 Saga Continues…

When we last saw our heroes, they had just taken the Sims University Aptitude test and received 6 credits toward the completion of their respective degrees! Will they get too juiced to take their exams? Find out today!

So yeah… this and a lot of my playing The Sims 3 is all about wish fulfillment. I want to do well in school and actually complete my degree! And I want Fox to do the same. Upon graduating, I want us both to have fulfilling careers that pay well.

Spending quality time together and with friends is important to us both. I’ve always loved Halloween and the traditions associated with it, especially carving Jack-o-Lanterns and dressing up. I haven’t been able to dress up for Halloween the past few years, so I take dressing my sims up for Spooky Day very seriously.

I’ve also been questioning my and Fox’s ability to complete our degrees and enter our careers of choice. We can’t just take the classes we still need because I have to wait for mine to be offered again and he needs to fulfill prerequisites. While I’m waiting I need to recover from my anxious depression enough to get through a class without thinking I should hurt myself.

We both need to complete an internship and neither of us feels particularly confident in that department. (Honestly I don’t think completing the internship will be an issue. The problem is acquiring it!) I don’t even want to think about finding paid employment while we’re still in school.

Reality is just really gross, I want nothing to do with it! I feel like I have no control over my life. I don’t really have a lot of control over The Sims 3 game either, but at least I get to tell the sims what to do!

Now I don’t know how to stop…

In the two weeks since my last post, I played The Sims 3 to the point where the offspring of the original young adult couple are young adults themselves, recorded over 400 memories (with carefully-composed screenshots), and 10 seasonal greeting cards. The mother is an elder, the father is a vampire, the older daughter is dating a female vampire, and the younger daughter wants to follow in Leonardo da Vinci’s footsteps. I’ve decided to set it aside for now because I made the sims’ lifespans too long (180 days, for anyone who cares). Playing that game has become unbearably tedious.

A 4x3 grid with 10 images. Changing seasons are depicted left to right: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. At first there is a heterosexual young adult couple. Then the family grows to include a child and teenager. By the last image both children are young adults, one of the original young adults is an elder, and the other is a vampire.

The 10 Greeting Cards: Here you can see the family change and grow in conjunction with the cyclic changing of the seasons.

Now I have a third version of that family, but with shorter lifespans (130 days). I built them a much better starter house than the previous versions. The front room is one big open space with both living room (left) and kitchen (right); there is a counter island that separates the space. Walk about halfway into the house and the door to the bedroom is on the left; to the bathroom is on the right. A door between the kitchen area and bathroom provides an alternative entrance/exit and passage into a new addition to the house, should one be built (which will happen eventually). I’m sorry I don’t have a screenshot because it’s really, really nice.

What I do have are the first seasonal greeting card and 13 memories for each of the sims in my new game. I’m really not sure what would be the best way to present them, and I don’t want this to become a The Sims 3 blog! But I feel like there’s gotta be a reason I’ve become so obsessed with this stuff, something I’m trying to express through it. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m just trying to avoid reality as much as possible. All I know is I’ve pulled an all-nighter and I feel like if I go to bed without writing this, when I wake I’m going to get all caught up in what other people want me to do and never get around to posting it. It has to happen now.

Here’s a thumbnail grid with the images in as close to chronological order as I could get them.

One thing I’ve noticed so far is that Angelo seems to be happier than Maria for two reasons: 1. He starts out doing something he loves (not something he hopes will lead to something he finds fulfilling). 2. He focuses on his area of success (receiving 6 credits toward his degree) instead of feeling disappointed about something he didn’t get (a scholarship). Maybe there’s something I can learn from him.