a lost note
exactly what I needed
but, to whom?


Walking, a wind blows
paper against my forehead.
All things stop;
there is silence.

The words lift me out of where I am
to all I can become
and my soul fills
the whole world.

A whole earth, glowing.
But I cannot find you,
whose name
is on this letter.


Oh wow!
is exactly what I needed!
Maybe the author
just didn’t know my name?


In response to Writing 101, Day Five: Be Brief


It’s time
To take the final exam
But I missed the review
Didn’t study!

And I don’t even
Have the right test
Somehow it’s late
I can’t concentrate

My mind
Has turned
To mush

Let’s coordinate!
A dual wedding
Two couples, two ceremonies
One reception

But you’ve already been married and
Our bridal parties are too big and
Our ceremony is already long and
We don’t want to compromise!

Seeing through the eyes
Of a foster child
He tries to explain his life
To a family
That will never accept him

“Down the toilets there is a world
Inexplicably sad and scary”
And I travel down past
Real excrement into

The excrement of the mind where
Everything is red static and
Badly drawn babies with sharp teeth
Fly at me; try to eat

And I try to run away
But everything is spinning
Warping into ellipses
Stretching, rotating sideways

Even when I think I am awake!
There is no escape!
Forever doomed to wander
This red world

Re: Groundhog Day

But the sun is too bright;
It sears my eyes
And hurts my head
Already heavy with grief.

But the breeze is too cold;
It tears off my skin
Sends chills down my spine
Crushed by the weight.

I cannot smell the smells that
Fill you with so much wonder.
All I see is pain.
All I feel is sorrow.

I want to go outside
And know the joy of a
Spring day,
But when

I close my eyes I
See my uncle grilling
Smiling, laughing
Hugging me

Lying there with eyes closed
Lips turned down
Hands folded, cold and stiff
Still breathing.

I call but he won’t answer.
I don’t know what to say.
One chance to share my family’s

But autopilot kicks
In and all I say is “Good”
And all I do is smile!
It’s disgusting! I can’t even

Cry and I
Want to rip
Out my heart
And my eyes!


So much easier
To watch an image
Of an image
Of an image

That is not

Groundhog Day

You fool!
What is with you and that game?!
You play and play for hours on end
And every day is

You think I am old and blind,
But I know:
You watch an image of a human
Play with her image of a pet
Images are all you see!

What about ME!?
I’m here!
Flesh and blood and FUR
And so much more
I need your love!

You’ve talked about walking
Walk with me!
I love to get out
Smell the world
And know you are right beside me.

But you sit and you stare and complain.
I know that you’re hurting
Your arm, every day
With that mouse.
Get out of the house!

They do the same thing every day,
And we repeat the same harmony.
I bark. You groan
And thrash like the dead
And shamble around reluctantly.

To the warmth of the sun on your face
A cool breeze to play
All these wonderful smells –
I could wallow in them all day.

I just need you.

You know how it feels
To be abandoned.

Don’t feed that fear!

Walk with me.

SIMulated Haiku

Supernatural sims
Are taking over the town:
Witch, Vampire, Fae.

Cast a spell for love,
But hate emerges instead;
Soon you are a toad!

Who will kiss the toad?
Not I – playing with magic.
House burns to the ground.

What do we have if
Not love? I’ll cast once again.
Magical romance.

Kiss the toad now please.
Is he a prince? No – but wait!
He is the Doctor!


To fade into the night
Like the last rays
Of the setting sun

Light waning
Colors shading
All to black

The relief of
Letting go
Into that Darkness

Where our greatest fears
Dashed hopes

Guilt and anger
Even rage

All abide their time
To Remember

A house of flesh
A beating heart
The wind against my skin
A tear falls from my eye
The ground beneath my feet


Falling down
Into the Deep
Comfort of the Earth

Eyes close
Muscles relax
A dreamless sleep