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The Nest

I thought I’d start the new year off right by reblogging this beautiful image. 🙂

Broken Light Collective

Photo taken by contributor Captivating Bitter, a woman in her thirties who has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of her life. She has survived emotional abuse, sexual abuse and rape. She has survived suicide attempts and years of self-harm. After wandering her way through life unable to trust and barely feeling alive, she is now fighting to live a healthy life. She has been reading, journaling, blogging and working hard to heal. She is finally taking care of herself and starting to feel better.

About this photo: “I love photographing bird’s nests… I happened to see this one as the last of my roses were blooming before the freeze and could not resist snapping this photo. This particular photo always fills me with hope… and makes me feel connected to the cycle of the seasons. I hated the thought of photographing this one empty… I cannot have…

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