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7 Consequences from Darren Wilson Grand Jury Dismissal

Black Millennials

After much anxiety, anticipation, and anger, a St. Louis grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson on any charges related to the August 9th death of Michael Brown. Federal investigators are continuing a parallel investigation, but sources say the outcome will be very much the same. In a case that gripped a nation, Mike Brown, the 18-year-old college bound Black teenager, was unarmed when Officer Wilson (who is white) shot him six times. Gunned down in broad day light, Brown’s body laid in the street for over four and a half hours, with many equating the crass display to that of a lynching.

The gruesome nature of Brown’s death fueled media attention on the alarming frequency at which law enforcement kill unarmed people of color. From the asthmatic Eric Garner, who died in Staten Island, N.Y. after being placed in an illegal chokehold by Officer Daniel Pantaleo; to John Crawford

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