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  1. Hi Ziya, I came across your blog for doing a research paper on Aromatherapy for my Aromatherapist diploma course. I found your site interesting and…well, I guess I kind of need the support as well, as I am going through another depression strike in my life! It feels terrible when the thought of killing myself arose again after buried it for many years! Anyway, I saw your post yesterday about “Trouble”, your rat pet. I am sorry to hear that, I saw on your self introduction where you mentioned he/she brought you lots of joy! But I wanna say, dun let this incident get you! This is one of the phenomenon in life, is just our loved pets are always the lucky ones to go before us so that they dun have to suffer the sorrow left behind! Hey, but I am sure you took good care of Trouble during the course of his/her short but happy life and this you should take proud of! I am sure Trouble was very happy to have you as a life companion too! I have 2 cats, they saved my life, I was living in the dark valley of my life and they just brought me back to light! They are still healthy now but being an extremely anxious person, I always worried the day when they have to leave! I know this day will come eventually, so I just cherish every moment I spend with them now!

    I hope you can stay strong, and thank you for your blog:) Juliana


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