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Bipolar and Anxiety Links

Anxiety and Depression Association of America – includes useful information about bipolar, indications it might be comorbid with anxiety, guidelines for treatment, and questions to ask potential doctors

PsychEducation.org – explains anxiety as a symptom of bipolar and as a separate disorder that can be co-morbid with bipolar

BP Magazine – how understanding anxiety as part of (and/or a precursor to) bipolar can help one receive the treatment one needs and real relief

Mayo Clinic – an in-depth look at bipolar

Everyday Health – kind of redundant, but I thought the different ways the information is presented might be helpful:

I have an appointment for a psychiatric evaluation on July 31st; I’d love to make one for sooner but it seems like a lot of the mental health care providers that are covered by my insurance have really long waitlists. Who’d have thought that people would actually need, want, and attempt to use mental health services once they were made affordable?!

Anyways, reading these articles has given me some idea what to expect and some questions to ask to make sure I receive the best care possible.


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