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Weekly Links

I’m finding it very hard to express myself in words right now, but I read some very interesting articles today. Please check them out and let me know what you think. (This may become a weekly feature to help myself post more regularly.)

On the Difference Between Trigger Warnings and Content Notes, and How Harm Reduction is Getting Lost in the Confusion – I like knowing about potentially-triggering material in advance so I can decide whether and when to read/watch/listen to something; it helps me feel safer.

The Social Model of Disability and Person-First vs Identity-First Language – I love the social model of disability and have thoughts about re-framing how I write about my anxious depression. For the time being at least, I prefer person-first language.

“Unhealthy” or “Inappropriate” Actions as Communication and Survival – permission to be, and interesting implications for raising children (especially, but not limited to, those with special needs)

The Uses of Negativity: Survival and Coping Strategies for Those of Us Who Are Exasperated by the Empty Promise of “It” Getting “Better” – a good reality check, and hopefully movement toward reducing stigma so people can be more honest with themselves and others and get the support they need (or at least engage in the self-care they need)

The Icarus Project “Hurting Yourself” Workbook – normalizes and contextualizes self-harm; asks questions to help one clarify the functions of self-harm, minimize safety risks, and consider alternatives

Suicide is an Act of Bodily Autonomy – Not Beauty. Response to “Suicide is Not Beautiful” – argues for bodily autonomy for all people, including people with mental illness. also argues that expressing suicidal thoughts (e.g. in poetry) can be a means of survival

Suicide is Not Beautiful – against romanticizing suicide by women; against limiting women’s acts of violence or disruption to self-harm and viewing those acts as more acceptable than any that would hold others (men) accountable / create societal change


One thought on “Weekly Links

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging!

    I often have trouble verbalizing my own thoughts. It’s why I blog…so I can save my thoughts to share later, when maybe my words are no longer there.

    Speaking through the words of others is a perfectly ok way to speak 🙂


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