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I wish I could pull the wool from their eyes, even if only for a couple of seconds, so they could see each other and feel the love we all share. Because every so often it falls from mine and suddenly everything is so much clearer. I look around full of wonder and joy at all the colors and sounds and sensations of life, content to be a part of it all… And then the curtain falls again, and it’s all gone. I feel empty.

~ Ziya to Fox in the pool on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Curtains

  1. Checking in: How do you feel about reblogging? I love a lot of the stuff you write. I think a lot of people could learn from you. But I have a lot of followers now. I don’t want to cross any boundaries I’m not aware of here. Let me know, and do what’s best for you.

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    • Thanks for asking. I feel honored when someone reblogs my post; to me it means they think it’s so worth reading they want to share it with their own followers. I’d like it even better if you gave a brief explanation of why you’re reblogging my post, especially for the more personal ones. What did you connect with? What do you hope your readers will get out of reading the post? I know it’s not always easy (or desirable) to put these things into words to introduce the post on your blog, but I love the feedback and opportunity for dialog. 🙂

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        • Preserving my anonymity is very important to me. Please avoid mention of my real name, the real names of our mutual friends, the area where I live, any major cities that may be near where I live, my school, etc. Please also be very careful about referring to this blog or its content on social media sites where we use our real names (or vice versa). I think it’s safest to keep the 2 as separate as possible, at least for the time being. Perhaps I’m being a bit paranoid (I certainly feel like I am) but anonymity is key to my feeling safe enough to share what I need to on this blog.


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