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Chapter 1: Move-In Day

I had a ridiculous amount of fun writing this, especially the dialogue. I hope you’ll enjoy it too – please let me know what you think!
And don’t worry, I won’t reblog every one of my The Sims 3 fiction posts; that would defeat the purpose of creating a new blog. 🙂

Ziya Plays The Sims 3

Chapter 1: Move-In Day
by Robin Wild

I was enjoying some pollen punch in my bungalow, when I became aware of big booming voices nearby. They were much closer than I’d become accustomed to from sims walking by on the sidewalk. Reluctantly, I put down my drink, flew out into the warm summer air, and assumed my full-size sim form.

As soon as my ears were finished growing, I could hear the voices a lot more clearly. They sounded like they belonged to two adult female sims, possibly sisters.

“That thing takes up half the room!”

“I don’t know where else to put it. Do you want me to invent in the rain and snow?”

“No, I guess not, but …”

“You don’t have anything you need to put there.”

“Not yet!”

“Well, when you get something we can … I don’t know, add another room?”

“Yeah, right …”


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