I’d gotten used to my nose being stuffy, runny, etc. It just seems like a constant.

For a few days, I noticed I was sleeping more than usual. I thought it was the depression, and the drugs I’m taking for it – which both cause drowsiness.

On Friday I had a bit of a scratchy/sore throat. I thought it was from not brushing my teeth. I went to bed anyway.

On Saturday my throat was KILLING ME and so was my ear. My nose has been trying to drown me. I can breathe through it for maybe a few seconds at a time.


It’s gotten to the point where all that exists is my nose and dry mouth and did I mention my nose? It’s sapping all my energy – which is bad for schoolwork. Ugh.

I just want to sleep. But that’s hard because of the constant discomfort. Yuck.