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Var and the Vikings

There’s this really awesome project on Kickstarter that I’d like to encourage everyone to support: a game that is a lot of fun and enables the player to learn AI (artificial intelligence). It’s called Var and the Vikings. I played the demo (in Chrome) and in just 10  simple levels felt like I had learned quite a bit about AI, while having fun and feeling a sense of accomplishment. From my experience, I believe it has the potential to be an extremely enjoyable, engaging, and educational game.


I’m one of 324 backers who have already pledged a total of $8,481 to the project.

The thing is, the project has only 18 days to receive an additional $22,519 in pledges. Pledging doesn’t cost anything unless the project reaches its funding goal. So, if you think this is worth getting behind, you can show your support (for as little as $1) completely risk-free!

It costs just $10 to receive the game for Mac or PC, and all future updates (once the project is fully funded, then completed). Any backing of $20 or more gets you additional awesome rewards, which may (depending on how much you contribute) include:

  • the digital art pack
  • the opportunity to create custom message(s) other players will see in the game
  • opportunities to interact with developers
  • the soundtrack
  • the opportunity to name an enemy – possibly even a boss!
  • existing in the game as a viking spirit or statue that helps players for a short time while shouting your custom battle cry
  • be a character in the game!

You can also pledge to receive a classroom or school license for the game.


But don’t take my word for it. Visit Var and the Vikings on Kickstarter today!


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