“This cage
is most effective
because of those spikes –

If the ostrich jumps
to try and escape
it will hurt itself
and perceive:

That every spot where it tried to jump
is a predator;
It is safest within its cage.”

The predators close in around the ostrich
Baring their pointy teeth
Their eyes menacing

And the ostrich shrinks back
Against the door to the cage;
At first, it feels

But as the attack continues
it collapses in fear
clutching its head in its wings

Its eyes wide;
Its mouth open
In a Silent Scream

Such a big cage
To run around in
But the ostrich only cowers …

“This is where its owner comes
to feed it
Talk to it
and touch it with

if the ostrich were
any other kind of bird
it could simply
fly away