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Viola Improvisation 1: Muted

I finally feel like I’m getting my music back. Yesterday I was having a hard time emotionally; I was too exhausted to deal with anything. But I was able to improvise – on piano and then on viola. I recorded all of my improvisations, but the last one (on viola) seems to capture my experience the best. I was able to be very intentional while expressing … well, stuff that’s been bottled up for too long.

I would love to purchase WordPress’s space upgrade in order to be able to post audio files, but in my current situation that would not be financially responsible. So, I ventured forth in search of a free audio hosting service.

I found PodOmatic and posted my first (entirely instrumental) podcast today. You are welcome to listen to my improvisation (mp3), or download it to listen to later. Here is a preview of the podcast:



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