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Two Sketches in Black Carbon Pencil

I wanted to draw but couldn’t think of anything to draw, so I decided to let my pencil guide me. It is soft carbon (No. 595) so there are a lot of options for fine lines and shading from light to thick, dark black. I love it! It also smudges very easily, which can be used to create interesting effects (or, more likely, happen by accident).

This sketch formed itself as I experimented with the different marks I could make with my pencil:


For my second sketch, I wanted something more specific to draw. I looked around my room but didn’t see anything I felt comfortable sketching. And I preferred for the image to come from inside, anyway.

I imagined someone telling me, “draw a time when you felt happy,” and started drawing an eye. I wanted to make it look the eye of someone smiling but I’m not sure I pulled it off. As I colored in the iris and added shading around the eye, I actually felt happy.




One thought on “Two Sketches in Black Carbon Pencil

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